Thursday, January 3, 2019

Grooming Report #10 Almost Excellent!

Early this morning all trails were drug then tracked. Tracks set up well and trails are still quite firm. We are getting close to excellent conditions everywhere. Mud Lake, the New River trail, and the River trail in the gorge have a couple rough sections still, but should smooth out with just a little more snow. We will not be grooming again until the weather cools off or until more snow arrives.

There were a couple snowmobilers on St. Urho's loop late last night. We have many "no snowmobiling" signs up, but some fail to read them

Sunrise seen by the chalet

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Grooming Report #9 City-side re-tracked

Today the city-side trails were re-tracked as well as River Bypass and the New River trail. The cold weather last night made the trails quite firm. Very good conditions everywhere. We plan to drag and reset tracks early Thursday morning.

The New River trail has some uneven areas, but is improving

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Grooming Report #8 Rolled and Tracked

Today all trails were rolled and then tracked. Expect to find rough areas on Mud Lake, New River trail, and the River trail in the gorge. Trails are a bit soft from the amount of snow and drifting we had. Very good conditions just about everywhere.

There was around 4" of new snow plus some drifting

On the Quincy trail near the snowmobile trail drifts were over 1' deep. This location typically gets drifted over with high winds

The snow was pretty soft and fluffy, but still set up well

Monday, December 31, 2018

Grooming Report #7 Re-Tracked and signage

Due to heavy snowfall an abbreviated track pattern was set. The River trail in the gorge, Mud Lake, River Bypass, Ruby Marsh, and Diagonal were not tracked. Expect some normally double tracked areas to be single tracked. With increasing wind, tracks will not last long. All trails will be rolled and tracked early Tuesday morning. We also put up snowmobile signage on Tomasi rd. Pictured below, these signs help keep some snowmobile traffic off the ski trail.

Since no rolling was done before setting tracks, a lot of snow was being pushed to the sides of the trail. Tracks still set up well.

These signs help keep snowmobiles off the ski trail. We have "no snowmobile" signs posted before these signs, but occasionally there are snowmobilers using this road.