Saturday, December 1, 2018

Trail closed signage and more rolling!

Today we put up closed trail signs at intersections; 9, 16, and 18 on the River trail along the river gorge. We are only able to open the middle section of the River trail due to flood damage. We also put up closed trail signs at the south end of the Outback trail and intersection 28. We did not have enough time this fall to fix the washout near the cemetery. The last two closed trail signs were put on the old spring creek trail in Churning Rapids. We relocated this trail further back from the creek, so we will be able to groom through there this season. These closed trail sections are shown on the new map.

Seen at intersection 9 off St. Urho's loop

At intersection 18 by the pedestrian bridge

Our new Can-Am Outlander was taken out for the first time with the new tracks installed

Most of the city-side trails were rolled while putting up signage. We also rolled the Mud Lake Bypass, Spring Creek, and Diagonal trail in Churning Rapids. There are still too many wet spots and exposed stumps and rocks to do any grooming until we get more snow. We will need around 1' of new snow to continue grooming.

There are many wet spots like this that remain